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Our dream team

People make history and we hope that you will like our own history, which cannot be completed without the following persons.


A civil engineer, project development consultant, public works contractor, a mother of two wonderful boys. She decided to give up undertaking many of those duties and dedicated herself to Kumquart Estate, thinking, at about the age of 40, what she wants to be when she grows up.


A legal consultant, educator of children and adults, farmer, dad, man with multiple identities. After a turbulent life, he decided that it is more important to observe the life cycle of a daisy than the city’s hectic life.
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The engineers

A great and sweet architect, she was able to convert our ideas into a reality, creating a typical Mediterranean house that draws inspiration from the past, incorporating it into contemporary ideas of design. Her extensive experience and talent has contributed not only to the project…

The engineer of the project or the person who knows everything. With his extensive experience concerning construction projects and his design ideas based on his unique personality he managed to create an eco-friendly housing complex. He has undertaken the energy planning for the construction, supervised in every way possibe the construction, paying attention to the implementation of various technical solutions, proposed and implemented optimal solutions, combining best results with low cost.

A civil engineer, who helped regarding the statics of the buildings, ensuring that they can resist earthquakes, famines, winds and severe weather conditions. She was always on hand to offer assistance at various levels (issues concerning statics, selection of a body, construction details etc.). Working with Sofia was a great pleasure and we hope that she feels the same, too.

THE civil engineer. Her company is housed at a neighboring office and was always on hand to answer any questions, help with technical details, building permit issues, make calculations (many and difficult calculations), search and help not only through her qualifications, but also with her big grin and the wonderful French-press coffee she always served to us.

He has undertaken a part of the architectural plans of the project, mainly concerning building permit issues and contributed to some extent by converting our ideas into a reality in the construction of Kumquart Estate.

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The photographers

Golden transfer from Athens to the beautiful village of Prinilas, our photographers who captured various moments in our course with a creative mood & Their work can be seen here:,

Golden transfer from Athens to the beautiful village of Prinilas, our photographers who captured various moments in our course with a creative mood & Their work can be seen here:,

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Our cyber experts

The person who has designed our website and undertaken the digital marketing. He has offered excellent digital solutions for our website and also designed our logo. Through discussions, he also contributed to the completion of the Kumquart project. A perfectly-qualified person, an excellent partner with much knowledge concerning the needs of a contemporary business regarding digital marketing, with many smart and creative ideas. He has shown much interest in our concerns and vision, introducing us to the digital world! For more info about him please visit

He was the application developer and helped in every way possible, rationalizing our (sometimes irrational) requirements and contributing creatively, being perfectly-qualified, to the creation of our company’s digital world. Somewhere between Corfu, Zakynthos and Ereikousa, great ideas were created and Dimitris managed to implement them!

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Our friends

Being an entertainer, she was always on hand to offer endless hours of discussion concerning creative suggestions for decoration, technical solutions for construction, smart ideas for promoting the company, a lot of laughter when we needed it, consulting regarding taxation issues, carefree moments, her know-how in transforming furniture and objects, but most of all she has encouraged us to dare!

The laborer of our company, who has been working in tourism sector for many years. He helped with the design and construction of the complex at various levels and used his valuable knowledge and his critical look regarding some fool ideas that we had. Except for those, he contributed in every way possible to the construction of the buildings.

A lawyer but a writer at heart, she was always, always, always at our side! From the beginning she has taken part in the endless discussions about the project, the sleepovers, the search for ideas and solutions, the selection of bed linen, lighting, furniture and even flowers - she contributed with all her heart and soul to make our dream come true!

The sweetest man who gave advice with his multidimensional and endless knowledge concerning the cultivation of trees and even the optimal solution for the construction process. An open-hearted, bright and generous person, he helped us not to be confused when it comes to several problems, while he has offered many moments of laughter and relaxation when things did not go well.

A director and an incredible neighbor. The man who inspired us to integrate much beauty and light not only into the project but also in our lives. His critical approach and extensive knowledge helped us to go through with our ideas about the project, to add and exclude some things and to organize others, but the most important is that he helped us on a daily basis to do things differently and to dream.

A multi-talented artist and a painter, an awesome designer and fantastic teacher, but most of all a wonderful and open-hearted neighbor, Maria , offered her ideas and inspiration in terms of aesthetic at various levels of the project. You can see her works at:

He is ingenious and multi-talented.

No words can describe Dina! An effective, multi-talented, active, and energetic person.

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Our family

No words can fully describe how our family provided us with assistance, support, patience, encouragement and help, whenever we need it.